With Gilles Deleuze, William James, Charles Eisenstein, Slavoj Zizek, and Carl Jung
Hello everyone…here is a journey into my labyrinth and I hope this provides you with something to contemplate. For this letter, I’ve provided some thou…
My Labyrinth #5 (Audio): Why is the Secret of Creativity...Ambiguity? | The House of the Forest Listen now (14 min) | The audio version is for full-letter subscribers only…so thank you for your continued support. PS: The audio version includes eve…
Enjoy this journey into the labyrinth...
some writing motivated by my dreamscape non-fiction
Let me show, not tell, how wisdom, creativity, and truth are found in our uncertainty.
My Red Book: Introduction and the Mystery of the Snow Covered Lodge (Audio Version) Listen now (26 min) | an introduction into my Red Book, the purpose, vision one, and the interpretation
A poetic journey of truth, madness, wisdom, and an understanding of our context
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A Philosopher's Stone (Brenden's Labyrinth)