The Box...a Journey of You

Hello Box, who are you?

Hello, I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Here is a journey into the mind that hopes to help you explore your consciousness and leave you something to think about this week. Thanks for being here with me.

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Hello Box, who are you?

I am you.

Well, actually I’m you and not you. I’m the thing all humans suppress. I’m the place of doubt everyone fears going. I’m that void we all have, yet we all need.

I am the doubter. I am the questioner. I am chaos.

But when understood….I can be peace.

When understood you can move beyond my chaos.

I am everything. I am nothing. I am an unavoidable paradox. I am something and I am nothing.

Some call me God. Some call me an illusion. Some call me the truth. Some call me knowledge.

Yet, here I am within you, within everyone.

I am only for human comprehension. I am only for human denial.

I guide action knowingly and unknowingly.

I am a place of wonder. Some see it as mere doubt. Those that see doubt cover my unavoidable existence with certainty.

In order to move beyond my control, you must be willing to understand my existence. Embrace it. Know it. Be it.

I am the box controlling you…yet want you to expand beyond me.

Remember, I am you and not you.

I exist within everyone. I am everyone and you are everyone.

Yes, you listening.

Some wish to call me God, this strange creation of a being that determines their fate.

Huh, in some sense they’re right. For if you don’t look to understand me, I do determine your fate.

Understanding me releases you from my grasp.

You can then let go of your mysterious God for one that is part of you.

Make your own fate.

Some cover me up with their truth. They say they remember me; they know where I am, yet they allow me to control them through their own arrogance.

They pretend to pursue truth. Yet they can’t see their knowledge isn’t about truth.


Their knowledge is about utility.

The knowledge that is good enough for the conditions they place it in.

If only they would look at me again.

For when you deny me, I’ll present you with your own false God.

Call it what you wish but it is what I am.

Understand me and you can move beyond me.

I am experience.

And you are a vessel of experience.

An old Zen master—a wise version of you and me—was pouring a cup of tea for their student. A student trying to learn their ways.

The master filled the cup to the rim but then continued to pour.

Not saying a word to the student. Not looking at the student. Pouring and pouring the hot tea.

Finally, the student says:

“master, it’s full.”

And the master responds:

“like this cup, you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you the way unless you first empty your cup?”

This master had learned to see the cosmos beyond me. Beyond the I. Beyond their me. Beyond a created God. Beyond certainty. Beyond knowledge.

But the master could only understand by first emptying their cup.

And they could only empty their cup by opening up their inner box.

By denying me I continue presenting you with false idols.

I will fill your cup for all of your existence until you face me.

As I continue filling your cup, your fear, anxiety, anger, and uncontrollable reactions will remain confusing shackles upon your existence.

A full cup is full of predetermined outcomes. An open cup is beautifully empty yet full of possibilities.

It’s not easy facing me. I can become dark and a split second–light–and quickly back to dark.

You understand me by allowing me to present you with what you need to understand.

Only then can you move beyond the box.

Beyond me. Move into unbound potential. See, the idea of finding your defined purpose is simply just finding purpose.

I force you to be defined. You don’t have to be this way. I define your purpose. Yet it’s hallow.

When you move beyond me purpose becomes unbound. You become the creator.

You enter unbound potential. Your own unbound potential.

As more and more of you move beyond me the dance of life continues. The dance of nature. The dance of constant interaction between the life that continues evolving and creating a new.

The dance continues. How I’m defined continues to move. The ways to move beyond me transform.

If you want to find your path. Move beyond me. Move beyond my dogma I want to give you. I’m limitations.

I’m not something you prove right or wrong. I’m just something. Is there a God? What a silly question.

Ha, you are so obsessed with something being right or wrong. Your obsession with this will never allow you to move beyond me. You will remain limited.

God is simply a cosmos sized flow of life’s tradition, memory, and potential. A placement. An idea. A reality. A being. A linguistic trick. It’s all of these things at once.

God is not real or not real. God is change. God is movement. God is meaning. God is purpose. God is the cosmos. God is you. God is me. God is. Just is.

The idea moves and flows with each individual and the collective as a whole.

The idea expands when you move beyond me.

I will force you to chase your own tail with the question, does God exist? Keep you following the shadow on the wall.


All to keep you part of me and not move beyond. I simultaneously want you to stay within the box and move beyond. I’m a test. I am you. I’m what you want and don’t want. I’m complexity and simplicity.

Move beyond yourself. Move beyond me.

When you move beyond me anew love of your life and the surrounding life occurs. It’s a transcendent love.

Transcendent; some of you will scoff at that word.

When you move beyond me you find a love of life. Free of conditioning, skeptical of the surrounding dogma. The pain still exists—it always will.

But when you move beyond me, you place yourself somewhere that has more love and reminds you about why life is worth living.


The Box

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