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Hi, I'm Brenden Weber, host of The Philosophy Guy and Editor of A Philosopher's Stone.

I do the writing, podcasting, and video making!

I write and podcast to help myself and others think, learn, and live better. Through this newsletter, I hope to support our journey into ideas, philosophy, spirituality, psychedelics, and science by utilizing everything around us from our culture, films, tv shows, and books. 

Opportunities to question our belief structures are everywhere and my goal is to present these ideas through an entertaining, empowering, and thought-provoking method. 

I hope to make fascinating ideas digestible to a wide audience. 

With a goal of helping people develop a well-rounded intellect in:

  • purpose

  • meaning

  • virtues

  • humility

  • wonder

  • curiosity

We need to start learning how to think instead of what to think. 

Emails will include:

  • various essays

  • brief thoughts

  • reading suggestions

  • valuable links

  • updates my other content

  • special giveaways

I want this to be a community. Please share your ideas, challenge and criticize me, and tell me how to improve. 

My outside content:

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